PT580 Handheld Reader for Animal Tag

PT580 Handheld Reader for Animal Tag

PT580 Handheld Reader for Animal Tag

PT580 Handheld Reader for Animal Tag is a new generation of multi-functional handheld animal ID reader designed and produced exclusively by Tech in 2010.

It can read RFID chips, ID numbers as well as one-dimensional barcode. It is applied to the pet and animal identification market with high cost-efficiency, cute appearance. The unique three-button design gives users the biggest convenience in single hand operation.

After reading some RFID tags or one-dimensional bar codes (optional), it can display the information and the reading time while storing data. User can transmit the information to the PC automatically through USB and bluetooth.

PT580 can read all the tags that meet ISO11784 FDX-B, ID64 and HDX standards.

PT580 Handheld Reader Specifications:

working frequency:134.2KHz/125KHz
screen:128*32 OLED
system clock:built-in
data storage:7000 pieces
power supply:rechargeable lithium battery
communication mode:bluetooth and USB
continuous working time:12 hours
storage temperature:-30°C-65°C
operation temperature:-30°C-50°C
operation humidity:5%~90%
color:white grey
Package size:26.5*20*5cm
weight after packing:552.6g
net weight:222.2g
button number:3
light:yellow, green
reading standard:ISO11784/5 FDX-B or HDX, ID64
operation language:Chinese Version(simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English), Central Asia Version(Kazakh, Russian, Mongol, English), European Version(French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, English)
certificates:CE, ROHS
term of service:one year
bar code reading head:one-dimensional bar code reading head (optional)
accessories:packing box, charger kit, a standby battery
antenna:two optional lengths of yellow antenna part(46cm and 25cm)
reading distance: ear tags(17cm/20cm), microchip(9cm)


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