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Our goal is to realize your ideal to tailor your RFID solution.

T-union offers a wide range of RFID solutions, from strategic making, implementation from site survey to prefect full technology services. And it provides international business standard and offers you the custom solving solution.


Tunion can help you help yourself.

Our programs actually provide the solution to source-tracking of food safety, which is used in recording the food production, processing, quality inspection, and transportation information. The QC management personnel or the consumer can track the product by scanning or online input the number into a computer. In this way, we can realize the traceability of food safety security.

Special RFID Tags

For automobile production line management, it is with anti-metal properties, magnets function and standard industrial grade.


You could not imagine that everything you’ve worked for will be a target for manufacturing and management, but statistics shows that it’s happening in the smallest stores to the largest chains.

With the special tags and active equipment, you can benefit from the smart traffic, such as parking equipment, producing line management, library management, smart logistics, etc. This begins a new mode, which is leading to RFID technology applications in IOT Industry. Nowadays, everything seems more intelligent and convenient.



Before we buy the products, what we most worry about is the after-sales service. But actually T-union let us at ease. No matter what the question is in the use of equipment, or about inadequate operation, T-union could solve it with professional technique and patience by remote assistance.

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